Author of 2013, 2016 crisis defends his report

By Yiep Joseph                                  

The author of the 2013, and 2016 crisis reports yesterday came out to elaborate and clarify the contents of his findings in comparison of the African Union reports and blamed the latter for having failed to stress the true genesis of the crisis.

Steven Kay, QC head of 9BRL Chambers, and the author of Pushing the Reset Button for South Sudan who addressed the media in J1 in the presence of Ateny Wek Ateny, Press Secretary in the office of the President clarified that his report was the one that revealed the truth regarding the 2013, 2016 crisis and its causes.

“It was a great shame to me that looking at the work of the AU Commission of inquiry to South Sudan that they did not take the time to analyze the telephone intercepts that I did because they would have found their way to the truth,” Steven said.

“Because one of the problems about the incorrect stories, the wrong narratives were adopted by other people. People looked at what was said by one before them and that become the circle of truth” he added.

He said that the report would help the citizens to know what exactly happened and pave roots for true reconciliation in the country.

“The recent tension in the country can be calmed down and people on the bases of truthfulness seek to reconcile and develop this society,” he said.

“This was an independent report commissioned and covered specifically events relating to two attempted coups one on the 15th of December 2013 and one on the 8th July 2016 looking at the evidence concerning the coup Iparticularlydirected my efforts to telephone intercepts conversations that were made in South Sudan recordings that were reserved in South Sudan which I was given access to” he explained.

He stressed that the report disclosed the information within the telephone intercepts and also looked at the international community’s reaction at the time to the events involving the conflicts that broke out in December 2013 and July 2016.

He said that however, those sets of evidence from the investigation commission and the telephone intercepts cross collaborated with each other and were mutually supportive.

“I also would like to refer to the fact that false allegations undermined a society, they undermine the confidant of the people in a society, they spread fear, they spread information that is destructive and present an image to the rest of the world that the society is in conflict within itself and that is not good,” he said.

However, Ateny Wek Ateny said that the materials were released for the public to know.

“The material in this report was released in order to allow investigation and create public awareness on what exactly happened and whoever denied the coup must know,” Ateny said

“In the five days to come the presidency will convene in which Dr. Machar and other peace partners would attending the office of the president to address the issues” he revealed

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