The African Union (AU) is in full support of the National Dialogue, initially the brain child of President Kiir for inclusive peace for all in the country and which has now created hope of return to stability for effective development. It has been long and tiring journey to come this far but with patient and soberly focus, the country is moving forward and in the right direction. The presidency has been outreaching all which is also being demonstrated by the on-going national dialogue, having been endorsed and praised by the world over as the only alternative of peace for this country. Honesty and truth is the only component of releasing this country from the York of power hungry who think that they can assume high office and power through the use of gun. One thing is that the national dialogue has been tested to be the only way in which all different and warring groups can effectively be heard by representing their views openly even if it hurts others. It is an open ground for reconciliation and inclusivity. It is an avenue without restriction of opinions and ideas for those whose interests revolve on peace. We are advocating for the same without iota of doubt in our minds and leave those doubting to continue doing so. This country must move forward and the only way is to have exclusive and inclusive peace in every part to enable the common-man go about his/her nation building duties in whichever form. There is no shortcut and we all must support this noble initiative by the President which has already taken shape and moving to tunnel with light at the end. This is the only way we should all support and follow to its conclusion. Let us support the national dialogue and the people spearheading the cause to the success.

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