Reports emanating from the Auditor General’s chamber have painted dark image in the management and administration of finances by some public institutions. It is sad that some of these institutions have not had their books audited since 2012, almost nine years down the line. They do not account to the country’s coffer and seem to be their own operation unit which do not report to the public, the tax-payers. Transparent records of their operations read nil by mouth. And it is like a chronic disease that is not leaving the public institutions any time soon. Actually, there are few public servants who are doing the right thing by meeting essential service delivery to the public. The political leadership have been drum-beating on the topic of corruption, transparency, accountability and effective service delivery but with little recourse if any. It is only being understood that executive orders can simply be shelved or ignored at will and everything left at standstill without being resolved by those charged with the responsibilities. Can someone tell the country why executive order giving public servants 100 percent salary increment has not been effected to date. Could it be true that some funds have gone missing or cannot be properly accounted for by the responsible ministries or department? Such rumours can fuel mistrust among the public if they are not informed well and told the truth. It is like every individual is racing for 2023 election year that they have forgotten their noble role of managing the affairs of the public. It is like they do not want to account for their responsibilities and want to avoid the role of collectiveness to the leadership and few individuals. Time is now when they have to stand up and be counted by the general public because they have been entrusted by the same to be the accountable custodian.

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