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AU delegation calls for “restoration of women dignity”

Bineta Diop(left) Special Envoy on Women, Peace and Security at the AU, with Ms.MahawaKaba Wheeler Director for Women, Gender and Peace at the AU.

Visiting African Union Commission Envoys have called for “restoration of the dignity of women in South Sudan” amidst the ongoing conflict.

Bineta Diop, the African Union Special Envoy of the Chairperson on Women, Peace and Security said the women of South Sudan have suffered a lot, adding that their dignity should be restored through stopping the war.

Diop said there is need for reconciliation and also justice for those who perpetrated violence against vulnerable communities in South Sudan.

She said women should unite as one voice to work for peace, and reject division along ethnic and political lines.

The envoy came to the country on the initiative of the AU Chairperson, Dr. DlaminiZumato hear from the women of South Sudan their challenges, as well as the solutions to them.

Diop’s delegation met the minister of gender, Awut Deng Acuil, a group of women leaders and civil society organizations.

“We know that women in South Sudan especially in the aftermath of the July fighting keep suffering. We have heard that there is continued violation of women rights in this crisis and so the chairperson decided that we come to South Sudan to listen to our sisters but also find solutions that can bring peace to South Sudan,” she said.

For her part, Ms. MahawaKaba Wheeler, the director of the AU Commission, Directorate of Women, Gender and Development said violated rights and dignity of women could only be restored throughreturn to peace.

“When there is no peace there is no human dignity and the lack of peace means most of your rights do not exist anymore.When there is no peace, we feel like there is no human rights,”Kaba said.

Diop said the delegation will visit UNMISS Protection of Civilians (POC) sites to get acquainted with the challenges facing women their.

The delegation will write a report to the AU chairperson, regional and international community as well as a recommendation to the AU on the way forward to ending violence against women in South Sudan.











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