Last week’s killings of innocent civilians on the Bor-Juba Road must be condemned in the strongest terms possible. It was indeed a dark day not only for friends and relatives of the deceased but for the whole country. Sadly, the innocent lives were taken away at the pull of trigger happy criminals. It is worth noting that those killed were innocent civilians who were ambushed in the field by unknown gunmen. The gunmen were trigger-happy to orchestrate their ill-intention. Woe unto you cowards and hypocrites for you claim to be fighting for justice when you thrive on injustice. Life is God given and no human being has the right to take away anyone’s life. The incident can only be interpreted as “sabotage” efforts by people who are not keen on the on- going implementation of the Revitalised Peace Agreement. Indeed they are cowards and enemies of peace. They are cowards because they have no courage to come to the negotiating table. They are cowards because they cannot have failed to realise that peace is important and only dialogue can solve any existing differences. These people are cowards because they target soft and easy spots, the civilians to vent out their anger. They thrive on causing tension and fear in the society to attain their selfish ends. Holding divergent views is democratically healthy but we must understand that democracy is not about infringing on other people’s rights. Our differences in opinions should indeed be our great source of strength and motivation to make informed decisions hence unity in diversity. Our actions should not negate any gains made in the quest for a lasting peace in South Sudan. There is no justifiable reason to warrant loss of lives irrespective of the levels of our differences.


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