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Attack on commercial vehicles leaves two dead in Wau

By David Mono Danga

Gunmen operating in Wau were reported to have attacked commercial vehicles along Raja-Wau Road last Saturday leaving two dead, two injured and several others missing, the State Local Government confirmed yesterday.

“On October 6, 2018 rebels laid an ambush on four commercial vehicles coming from Raja inside Wau Municipal Council in Loloko killing one civilian and an assistant driver,”  Wau State Minister of Local Government, Law Enforcement Agencies and Parliamentary Affairs Arkangelo Anyar Anyar said in a press conference in Juba.

He said two people wounded were attending medical treatment in Wau. He said several others are still missing.

“We, the State Government, strongly condemn these aggressive acts in the strongest term possible and urge the CTSAMM, regional and international community for an immediate intervention,” Minister Anyar added.

“We also urge all the arm groups that are part of this peace agreement to join hands with the State government to clear out such enemies of peace from these areas.”

Anyar said the State government was committed to the terms of the peace agreement in spirit and letter.

However, Minister Anyar did not specify to which group the perpetrators were allied to as many rebel groups are operating in the country. No rebel groups had claimed responsibility over the attacks either.

He also revealed that the attack in Loloko was one of several attacks masterminded by the rebels in the area. Earlier this month authorities in Wau State also condemned an attack carried on a convoy escorting Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) who were voluntarily returning to their homes in Besselia County.

Last week armed men killed a soldier and captured rifles from another on October, 1st and 2nd in Wau town and Raja respectively.

Late last month rebels were reported to have staged an ambush on government forces in Mboro wounding two soldiers.

The Minister described the attacks as a violation of the recently signed peace Agreement and called on the international community including the peace monitoring teams to investigate the incident.

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