Athletes jet off to Ethiopia

Marko Akol Secretary General and Coach Simon Barnaba

By John Agok

The two Athletes yesterday left for Addis Ababa to represent South Sudan in Cross-Country game that will put forward the Country to participate in African synod in Mauritius come June.

The two Athletes were Marko Pigien Macho of 10 KM and Jacob Chol Ajang 8 KM being led by their Coach Simon Barnaba.

Speaking to Media Mr. Marko Akol Secretary General of South Sudan Athletes Federation said, they have selected the two Athletes on standard fairness based on records and actively participating in training. Adding the Country lacks facilities for training and they have decided for Athletes to camping in Eldoret-Kenya and Tororo-Uganda respectively.

“Selection of players done based on records and actively training and with this standard, we have chosen the two Athletes who has records internationally and how in Eastern Africa. However, these Athletes awaited good results from Cross Country game will let South Sudan participate internationally in Africa Synod in Mauritius come June”, he noted.

“The Federation has unanimously decided to allow its Athletes trained with both Uganda and Kenya players due to lack of training facility in the Country”.

Simon Barnaba the Coach said, the Two Athletes have been training in Tororo Uganda and now they came to go for Cross-Country game in Addis Ababa.

“The Two Athletes have been properly training with Uganda players in Uganda. We are optimistic that, something good come out at their side. I believe they are our hero, especially the new Athlete Jacob Chol under 18 of 8km is coming pretty much to prove himself the best”, he stated.

Furthermore, Athlete Jacob Chol decried lack of proper facility for training and even good feeding to make Athletes fit for the game.

“We are lack training facilities and good feeding sometimes in our Country. We need specific foods stuff that can make us Athletes fit for the game. But I am confidence we can do our best in these Cross-Country games”, he said.

Last year, South Sudan participated in Tokyo Olympic 2020 with Abraham Machiek and Lucia with spontaneous records in Athlete Federation.

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