Athlete ambitious for better future results

By John Agok

The South Sudanese Athlete Abraham Geum yesterday after their arrival from Japan assured fans for better results in the next Olympics in Paris2024.

The four Athletes were Abraham Geum, Abraham Majok, Akoon and Lucia Morris in addition to Michael Machiek for Paralympicand their Coach landed around 2: 00 pm at Juba International Airport (JIA) after boarding fly Dubai from Japan.

Geum told media during the press conference that, he was optimistic for next Paris 2025 Olympics, given the comparison of two Olympics performance. In 2016 and 2020 Olympics were having much differences and assured South Sudanese bright future, if there is good training offer to them.

“I am very optimistic for the next Olympic in Paris 2024 given this performance. We are improving in all heat from the two Olympics in Japan and Brazil respectively”, he said. It is really excitement to be back home after spending one year and eight month in Maebashi city in north of Japan and we really appreciated the mayor of Maebashi City for hosting us there”, he added.

Geum who qualified for gold medal admitted that, there was huge improvement in his performances starting from Brazil Rio de Janeiro and Japan, Tokyo’s 2020Olympic.

“There is great improvement in my performances comparing it to two Olympics participations. If you look at my performances from four year ago, I was having 3: 55 but now “Second-place for South Sudan, 3:44.99.”

According to Mitsuhiro Toyama, the numbers on the digital scoreboard displayed a new South Sudanese Men’s 1500m national record. On April 4, Geum Abraham of South Sudan set a new personal best at the “Tokyo’s Athletics Association Middle Distance Challenge” held at Komazawa Olympic Park Athletic Field in Tokyo. He was unfortunately overtaken on the back straight and finished second, but still set the best official record in Japan”.

The warm support of Maebashi city and encounters with various people encouraged the South Sudanese athletes and helped them improve their athletic performance.

Yokota Masato, a professional track and field coach, and other members of the middle- and long-distance track club “TWOLAPS”, were among them. Mr. Yokota was a former Japan national record holder of Men’s 800m who took part in the London Olympics.

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