At least 75 teachers in Ezo to attend capacity building  

By Baraka John

Authorities in Ezo County of Western Equatoria State in partnership with Windle Trust have launched ten days capacity building training for 75 teachers including teachers who fled the Tambura conflict sheltering in Ezo.

The ten days training was launched on Tuesday by the County Commissioner of Ezo County, Hon Abel Sudan. According to Commissioner Sudan, the training aims to build teachers’ knowledge and adds value to the already skills they have. 

Take this training very important, through hard working and commitment will lead them to dreams and achieve the success. The County is working hard to ensure teachers in Ezo have a better working environment, including motivation and their welfare”. Sudan said   

The training is being facilitated by Windle Trust, will focus on, but is not limited, to briefing the teachers on the new syllabus, teachers code of conduct and teachers’ ethics.  

Mr. Morris Amnza, the representative of Windle Trust said, the training will help sharpen teachers’ knowledge in delivering of effective lessons to learners hence improving the education system in the area.

“Windle Trust is committed to helping build teachers’ capacity in Western Equatoria State through the State ministry of education. We shall strive to ensure teachers have skills they deserve to offer lessons to our children”. AMnza stated  

Meanwhile, Ezo County Education Director James Kpatago applauded the efforts to capacitate teachers in Ezo for effective teachings. Mr. Kpatago pledged to support the teachers’ progress in the County.

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