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At least 47 women kidnapped, nine raped in Unity State

By Mabor Riak

Authorities in Leer County of Unity State confirmed that at least 47 women were kidnapped and nine rapedby armed youths suspected criminals from neighboring counties of Mayiandit and Koch County of Unity.

The Commissioner of Leer County, Stephen Taker Riek told Juba Monitor that armed youths from two counties attacked the area and looted WFP store following the recent clashes between youths of Leer and Mayiandit.

However, the commissioner of Mayiandit County Dr. Gatluak Nyang denies the accusations against Koch and Mayiandit counties citing lack of evidence over the accusations.

“Koch County has no borders with Leer County and as such, there is no way to accuse the youth from Koch County over the looting of WFP store which is looted in Leer County.Leer county is neighboring Mayiandit. It doesn’t have any shared border with Koch County. The looting of WFP store and driving of women away by unknown criminals are condemned strongly,” Nyang said.

He added that there is no evidence that shows the criminals who looted WFP store and drove away women belong to Mayiandit County.

“It is not true that these criminals who looted WFP store are from Mayiandit County. There are so many criminals who can loot WFP store even within Leer County itself. The provision of security to protect the WFP not to be looted by criminals is under the sole responsibility of the commissioner of Leer County.

He revealed that the commissioner of Leer County should have deployed security forces to protect that WFP store not to be looted by criminals. Even here in Mayiandit County, we do have a store and it is being protected from criminals.

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