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At least 40 apprentices receive sowing machines in Lakes

By Mabor Riak Magok

About 43 beneficiaries of different genders and people with disabilities graduated from six months catering  courses organized by Interchurch Medical Assistance (IMA)  with support from United Nations Population Funds  (UNFPA) have received 22 sowing machines for tailoring in Awerial county of Lakes State on Monday.

In an interview with Juba Monitor on Monday, the trainer for the beneficiaries of tailoring, Mary Akur Deng said, the Interchurch Medical Assistance (IMA) supported by UNFPA  has trained 43 women, girls and other people with disability on tailoring for a period of six months.

She said, the graduands would receive from UNFPA through Interchurch Medical Assistance (IMA) 22 sowing machines for tailoring in which two beneficiaries would share one sowing machine.

Deng said that the organization would provide a support to the trainees with ‘Kitenge’ for the starting point of business .

” I have given both skills on how to sow clothes for both males and females. I have been training these 43 beneficiaries on tailoring starting from July, which is six months . Now, they are graduated and they will be ready to start working here in Awerial county to tailor and sell clothes to the community,” She said.

Ayen Akim, a primary four (P.4) dropped out who was a beneficiary of the six months training on tailoring in Awerial county thanked the Interchurch Medical Assistance and UNFPA for giving them the training that provided them with skills so that they would work and earn independently.

“As a dropped out from primary four (P.4), I found it as an opportunity to acquire the skills through tailoring courses because I have no any other means to reach the next level of education. This course will help me in the life and it is important,”she said.

One member of the beneficiaries from people living with disability, Nyanwel Awan said that she had learned everything during her sixmonths training courses on tailoring  in Awerial county.

“Now, after completing the tailoring courses, They will give 22 sowing machines and each machine will be shared by two people and they will also offer us Kitenge,” she said.

She said that the tailoring knowledge and skills would help change her life and would continue to commit herself.

The Interchurch Medical Assistance ( IMA) manager Teresa Achuei said that the 43 beneficiaries of  six month courses on tailoring included women, girls and people with disabilities.

She said, the IMA supported by UNFPA would also provide the beneficiaries with 22 sowing machines and Kitenge as part of their economic generating income activities in Awerial county

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