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At least 4 policemen arrested over beating an officer to death

By Mabor Riak

Authorities in Yirol West County of Lakes State confirmed that they have arrested 4 police officers who beat another police officer to death after having been found smuggling guns to civilians.

According to the authorities, they have accused him of supplying ammunition to the armed youths from his community which resulted in the killing of two (2 ) of his brothers, and some cattle were raided from Yirol West county in  June 2020 last year.

The Acting Commissioner of Yirol West County, Rin Maker said that some of the relatives of the late opened the case of his 2 brothers who were killed before a special court in Yirol West county but the late victim was tried by the special court, and declared innocent and was set free by the special court.

“The four policemen arrested are undergoing police investigation over the negligence for allowing the suspect to beat the lieutenant colonel to death in their presence without the use of force to deter the attackers.

However, the Police Spokesperson in Lakes State Elijah Mabor Makuac confirmed the incident saying that the late was attacked by three men and one woman at 4:00 PM and he was beaten, when he was rushed to hospital for treatment, he succumbed to injuries at 6:00 PM just after spending 2 hours in the hospital.

“The case of the late lieutenant colonel Peter Mawal is related to alleged identifications of a firearm from him by someone whose two of his brothers were killed in June 2020 in Yirol West. The late was trial over the level of this alleged accusation against him, but was found innocent by the special court in Yirol West,”

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