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At least 35 elders trained on Biblical principles in Yei

By Hassan Arun Cosmas

A number of 35 participants comprising of traditional leaders, security organs and County authorities trained on Biblical principles in Yei River County of central Equatoria State.

The Two-day workshop on Biblical principles was conducted by Samaritan’s Purse over the weekend. The training which aimed at developing and deepening leadership capacity by discussing leadership concepts according to the Biblical perspectives than from cultural drew in together over thirty participants comprising of traditional leaders, security organs and County authorities.

Speaking to media yesterday, Biblical Leadership Samaritans Purse Program Manager, John Mudienkunge said that their work was targeting government officials, community and religious leaders to influence their attitudes to leadership.

“I advise the leaders to understand that leadership is not all about power but rather servant-hood. Also I urge the leaders to build trust and peace in the communities and be a good managers for the community resources,”

He added that Biblical workshop training basically targeted government, community and religious leaders with the agenda of trying to influence their leadership in order for them to know that leadership was not about power rather then servant-hood. Some of the principles we were teaching were principles from the Bible. “We want all of you to lead using Biblical principles from the aspect of humility and loving others, not doing things for self-interest, and one of the principles and one of the things we have been addressing here are the five habits of a leader as well a leader should be able to build trust, peace, take responsibility and manage resources,”.

He revealed that if good leader could be known of the characteristics mentioned, then our community would be a better place.

Meanwhile, Civil-military Relations Director in Yei, Michael Machar, called on the organized forces to cooperate among themselves to avoid overlap of duties.

However, Yei County Attorney General, John Wani, advised leaders in their various capacities to build confidence with civilians by avoiding arbitrary arrests.

He urged government officers to implement the law and build confidence and relationship with the civil population.

Wani asked the government officials to be friendly to the civilians in order to create that smooth and friendly atmosphere.

“You are the government officers. We need to build confidence between you and the civilians. Illegal arrest will cannot build a good relationship with the civilians because they will be afraid of you, but if you come as a friend to them and implement what I passed today, then there is nothing bad but instead you will be together.That is my advice to you to go and implement what the law says, but not implement things of your mind, “appealed Wani.

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