At least 34 S. Sudanese refugees Sentence to death in Sudan

Tereza Jeremiah Chuei

A South Sudanese activist based in Khartoum Achol Malong yesterday claimed that 34 South Sudanese refugees were sentenced to death for allegedly killing two people in Sudan.

According to the activist Malong, about16 South Sudanese prisoners were transferred to Khartoum from Port Sudan for allegedly killing one person.

While other eighteen prisoners who were within Khartoum were also accused in a different murder case which brought the number of people convicted to death to 34.

The activist believed that all the 34 people who were sentenced to death were not all guilty but maybe some of them were found around those accused.

“Agroup of them were found gathered while some of them who I believe might be innocent were part of the gathering with the accused but it was unfortunate that they were all sentenced to death,” Achol complain.

In a phone interview with Juba Monitor, Malong said all the were convicted to death in different murder cases.

“There are 16 South Sudanese brought to Khartoum prison yesterday (Sunday) accused of killing their own South Sudanese counterpart inPort Sudan, however the accused claimed that the person they killed had also left South Sudanafter allegedly killing one of their relative,” Achol said.

However, she added that there were other 18 also accused of killing one of their workmates in Khartoum.

“While, the18 different group were also accused of killing one person, butthe accused group saidthat they had killed that person because he stabbedone of their relativewho is currently hospitalized,” she added.

Malong said that the Judge convictedthe two group who were believed to be behind the killings.

“According to the judgment, all the 34 people were sentenced to death,” Achol stressed.

When contacted by Juba Monitor, the South Sudanese envoy to Sudan, Kau Nak Maper said that he had no response to what the activist Achol Malong had reported and he advised Juba Monitor to let the law take its course.

“I am not going to respond to what the activist said, and I would like to adviseyou to leave this to the court,” Nak said.

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