That has come to a halt is something new to look at. It has never happened in the history of this country. To revoke a decree is unheard of but this time the national parliament came out and did just that. The house revoked a decree earlier issued appointing members to the East Africa Legislative Assembly. This came two days earlier before the ruling of a case filed by an indigenous son of this soil whose purpose was that the rule of law should be followed to the latter. The lawyer was or is not opposed to the names or individuals appointed but his argument was that the law was not followed and any breach of law is an offence. What is coming out clear is that President Salva Kiir might have been misadvised by his legal team in appointing the country’s representatives to the E.A.C Assembly in Arusha, Tanzania. The house might have overlooked this fact or just ignored and did not act at the time it was supposed to do so. That the house realized its mistake and took action is something to be proud of because, there seems to be a turn of events in the August House which seems to have woken up from its slumber into daylight. The national MPs who revoked the order should be applauded because they have realized that only the law can govern a country. This should be the start of this long journey to ensure law is maintained at all time. Not selectively. Kudos to the lawyer who took the case for hearing and interpretation to the E.A.C court for opening the eyes of our country legislators to live up to the standard of their officers. They are the law makers and must all the time safeguard the law. Not the other way round. Let those being nominated for the regional assembly be nominated according to the bloc’s law requirements as long as we are still signatory and a member of the East African Community.

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