Interior Minister and the Inspector General of Police (IGP) have put to rest the issue of number plates which had been contentious among the drivers, motor owners and traffic police. Some States also got involved by opposing the introduction of the new number plates. Initially, each State had its own designed number plate but the Government through the Council of Ministers under the Chairmanship of President Kiir decided to have a unified identity for vehicles and motor cycles which reflect and represent the entire country. Not one State. This is how it should be. While others remained adamant preferring the old registration number, it should be noted that this is one country which should have one traffic rule under one flag. Minister  Michael Chiengjiek and Sayid Chawul (IGP) made it clear last Friday that It is SSD not any other number that will be allowed unless with special permission and instructed the Traffic Police Department to ensure the new directive was implemented to the latter. This is how it should be and all must respect the rule of law. It should be noted that the council of Ministers is the final authority in safeguarding the interest of the common-man. May be some quarters will argue that after all what is in a number plate. It is important to understand and know that it is the pride of identifying a country and its motor vehicle records. Left without strict rule and adherence to the rule of laws, criminals would take advantage and misuse the un-recorded number plates for their ill activities. It would also not be in National record as to which vehicle is operating in the country and where it was registered. What with a number of vehicle importers and dealers looking for an easy catch of the unsuspecting victims. It is therefore important to have one central registry of all vehicles new and old for ease of reference. Those opposed to this should tell the country why and what they stand for. This is the truth which must be accepted by all. Let us have a unified number plates for one country one people. Already the Government has produced 12 million awaiting motorists.


Topical Commentary

With Odongo Odoyo


From every corner the word Peace has taken center stage. From the leadership to the man down there, the word is now becoming synonymous will every age and cadre. Be it Mogae, the famous Festus, to David Shearer to regional bloc, it is peace they are peaching and asking for. This is now the only way open to stability for the country and should be natured to its utmost. It is the only way open to us and for those who have heartfelt interest in this country and the citizens. This is why we have to support the peace initiative brokered by the Presidency and the people of this country through National Dialogue. This is why SaTP accompanied the team going out there to meet some of the warring and rebellious group who are still insisting on the opposite. He called us from the Ethiopian Capital, Addis Ababa and sounded really disappointed that one of the group leaders the team so longed to meet had turned them down and declined or refused to meet them. SaTP was so worked up remembering how long the country had suffered through these trivial want of power and disagreements which did not take anybody anywhere. It was with pain that SaTP left the Ethiopian capital for home so disappointed and vowed to find ways and means of ensuring all inclusive understand the meaning of peace for the country. He did not want to allow the negative thinkers to take advantage of the positive thinkers who longed for peace for the whole country, now and for tomorrow’s generation. For our be-spectacle friend, someone who had shut the door in their face had injured the pride of SaTP and the people and institutions he represents. His mission was not who is who where or in which camp, but for the sake of the country and the people he had volunteered to work for in bringing peace among all the different ethnic background. SaTP’s mission was national not tribe or clan. He wanted a lasting peace for everybody and everyone. Why his fellow country-man he had followed all the way to Ethiopia could refuse to meet him and his team was beyond saying or expectation. Our SaTP does not subscribe to any political party or group whichever in or out of the country. He is a patriotic citizen whose noble role was looking for a solution to solve the multitude crisis befalling our country. It is only people with reasonable integrity that will steer this country to peaceful arena. Not those with opposed ideologies. They are outside there and should be watched keenly.






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