Assailants kill a man, kidnap his wife in Tombura

By Kitab A Unango

An unidentified group of armed men have killed a man and abducted his wife in Tombura State on Wednesday night, confirmed the State Minister of Information Anikumbo Mathew.

Anikumbo said the incident occurred in Senekpura village west of the state capital adding that the authorities in the state were investigating the matter.

“This week on Tuesday night in Senekpuro, one of the Payams of Namatina a woman by name Mboriunda Biegene together with her late husband were attacked by unknown gunman and when the husband wanted to run a way he was shot,” Anikumbo told Juba Monitor on a phone interview from Tombura yesterday.

“And the woman was kidnapped and taken. Up to now the authority is trying to find the whereabouts of the woman,” he added.

The Information Minister pointed out that another man was severely wounded on his way to rescue his family after he heard about the incident by the same armed group.

“And one other young man called Paul Anirungo was seriously wounded when he tried to go to rescue his family near the place where the incident occurred. He is now receiving treatment at Tombura State Hospital, Anikumbo said.

He said the general security situation of the state was calm and normal referring the matter as a separate incident which cannot compromise the security of Tombura State.

Luka William, resident of Tombura town said a similar incident again happened on the same night in a place called Bazua leading to the death of one person.

 “We have just received information again this morning (yesterday) that a man was also killed in Banzua village by armed men. But we do not know where they are coming from,” William said.

“This morning police forces have already been sent to the locations to find out what exactly happened but they have not reported back and we are still waiting,” he added.

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