Aspiring youth leader vows to protect rights

By Mandela Nelson Denis

An aspiring candidate for the National Youth Union presidency has vowed to protect the rights of youth in the country.

Cosmas Juma Tranquillo who is representing Jubek State in the South Sudan National Youth Union said he plans to contest for the position in the coming months.

Speaking to Juba Monitor exclusively yesterday, Cosmas said top on his manifesto was the protection of rights of youth in the country.

“I will ensure that the rights of the youth are protected so that they can feel free to share their ideas on issues affecting them,” Cosmas said.

“There is no way the youth can be supported if there is no freedom of expression, because we need to listen to them.”

Cosmas said, being a lawyer enables him to understand how important freedom of expression is in solving problems facing the youth in the country.

He also added that given the chance to lead the youth, he will ensure that the youth are educated about their rights and the rights of others.

According to Cosmas, issues of tribalism, Gender Based Violence and fighting that largely involves the youth will reduce in the country if they know their rights.

He said he is optimistic that he is capable of uniting all the youth in the country through innovative measures such as bringing together youth in cultural forums and projects.

With the theme “together, we shall make South Sudan a new model for peace, unity, integrity and prosperity in Africa.” Cosmas hopes to be elected as the President of South Sudan National Youth Union to achieve the visions he has for the youth.

Over eight men and four women from across the country are believed to have shown interest for the President of South Sudan National Youth Union.

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