Ask yourself what you can do for your country

By Mandela Nelson Denis

There is a saying that “asks what you can do for your country not what the country can do for you”. We the youths in this country make 72 percent of the total population, meaning that we can control the country positively if we have the mind to do something for our country.

Several times we cry asking the government to do for us this and that and we forget that we the youths are the government.

I am so happy each time I see youths on the streets of Juba working hard to make their own money, many are seen selling perfumes, plastic materials, charging phones, ridding boda-boda and many other activities not mentioned here.

These are youths who are not waiting for the government to bring for them food on a sliver plate, they are hunting for change just as one opinion writer famously known as Akol Arop writes.

In his opinions are helping to change the mindset of the youths to be change hunters not people who wait for change while drinking siko on the streets in Juba.

When I see women hawking, baking cakes, sweets and roasting maize by the road side, I feel happy because they support their families, these are people who are not waiting for the government.

We have heard of success stories of several youths from countries like Rwanda, Kenya, Uganda and the Africa region at large on how some youths have made it to build empires.

Yes we all know that peace is important for any development to prosper but as youths let’s come out and act, let’s not sit under those tea places waiting to take the next cup of coffee waiting for the sun to go down so that we go home empty handed.

Hardworking youth call it hustling lets go to the streets hustle hard to build one country to the country we desire.

As we continue to ask the government to construct roads, build schools, install electricity and ensure peace, let’s start doing something instead of waiting for the government to do for us.

We need to prove to the government that we can survive without their intervention and lastly who is the government, the government is me and you, so ask yourself as a youth what you can do for your country before you ask for what your country can do for you.

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