Ask from God and see

Anna Nimiriano Editor in Chief Juba Monitor

It is a common statement that people used to say when any occasion or situation occurs. It could be good or bad condition that they might have gone through it and sought for solution from it.

Sometimes you may go through difficulties in life, people would give you advice, and still you think what you decided or did was the best. You don’t want to consider good idea from people who would try to put you right in life. You work for your idea which is limited and would put you in problems if you do not apply it rightly.

Always the right things and vital solution come from the above and people that God had given them wisdom. There is no good solution except God who gives it or through those who were selected by God to do.

Anything that you request from God, think for it well. For the reason that God needs right things that gives Him glory. Do not do it if you are not sure about it. Do not be in between, first think whether your decision is going to help you or not. Do not doubt, if you ask it from God, it will not anger God.

If it is in wrong way, it would not make God happy as you thought for it. And there is no going to be solution for it, the second option you can do in such condition is to ask God to help you. People do that because they have wisdom that comes from God. Unknowingly, you believe in the creation of this world, you see how the world looks like; it was not a human being who made it. It was super natural kind of doing things with wisdom from God.

Several people though they are clever, especially in gambling, they succeeded in their plan in the world. However, do things for the kingdom of heaven not earth.

May God bless us all.

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