BY Malek Arol Dhieu(Guest)

One good thing about this particular rainy season is that, insecurity claimed to be hindering agriculture for all these years, has reduced to a level where this virgin soil can be tilted. In contrast, one bad thing about this particular season is that some parts of the country have been conquered by floodwaters, therefore, coming out to embrace the rainy season is difficult for them as it sends them different signals and messages far away from the message others in high lands have. Jonglei and Unity states are underwater, thus what lingers around their minds is not to cultivate, but how to get rid of this unhealthy water. In areas where agriculture is favorable to practice, hoes must be fixed now to allow other preparations later when the rainy season commences fully. By fixing your hoes now, I mean readying yourselves for all it takes to cultivate. Those who still use hoes, of course, should sharpen them, prepare their handles, and clear the farms meanwhile those using ox plows should bring their oxen home and sharpen their plow machines and fix other technical problems with their plows. Of course, sorting out the seeds to be sown becomes the first routine as it is the basis of the cultivation. As obvious as the fact that sowing seeds are scarce as they are survived, this is where now the government should jump in to distribute the seeds and declare agriculture as a weapon to fight hunger. This year’s declaration of agriculture as the artillery to combat hunger by the government should be different from the previous declarations because the country needs to delist her name from the list of the hungriest countries in which she was ranked the first. Not only that, the space for agriculture is secured, though to a lesser extent, only what will be missing the most are the seeds to be sown. Longing to see the citizens with mudded clothes in their farms shortly as it is obvious that with well managed agricultural production this country could easily be the granary of the region.

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