By Ngor Khot Garang [GUEST]

Odongo Odoyo

The level of poverty in this country is unfathomable and it is not a matter of time, it is actually a matter of life and death. Sometimes you don’t have an idea about what will happen next or in the next few years.The struggle to earn a living never stops, leave alone school fees for children, for that has got no meaning. Many young people have gone to schools, and indeed they excelled but they have no jobs. For what use is a bachelor’s degree if your country cannot provide you with the opportunities you need.Don’t get me wrong, the fastest never win the race here. It is a zero sum game, where one party wins and the other loses. When you apply for a job and fail to get a call back, it is not that you are not qualified, it simply means that there is someone who is more South Sudanese than you are.Who says there is high corruption in the government sector? Yeah I can buy that idea but the government is the mirror of our society, whatever mistake they commit, you will find the same error in most of our communities.In a country where the government has an absolute control over the people and resources, the only success of the people is deeply embedded in their ability to love and unite. There is poverty, yes, but this is not what we asked for as a people.We asked for freedom, to live and thrive in our country but what we are paying now is much higher than the price we paid when we were fighting for this country. The future of this country is one foot up the ladder but we are not so sure if it will get there and we don’t know where it is going. The distance between pessimism and optimism is very tiny.We hope daily that it will get better but we also disagree on certain things that it is even getting worse. What do you think when all you see is suffering and people, mostly the national servants begging from people who are equal to them. The population of this country is small and we can be richer than any other country in the world but we don’t appreciate what we have. I now believe in an adage by the world’s greatest philosopher, Aristotle, that, “nothing is ever enough for a man to whom enough is nothing”.

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