As Coronavirus slows down, let’s help it go.

By Malek Arol Dhieu.

Coronavirus, though it goes away, has already maimed the whole world. It has distorted a lot of arrangements and systems, it has increased the ever-declining number of widows and widowers, and to everybody’s dismay, it has re-widowed the inherited widows making them double widows. Needless to say, it has bruised the heaped-up scars of 2013 and 2016 wars that depopulated South Sudan. It has actually caused numerous hindrances. Among hindrances it caused stand those that cannot be corrected at all. As one of those whose heaped up scars are bruised by Coronavirus, my studies and tours were interrupted by 2013 war and Coronavirus respectively. Here we go…… after completing my secondary school education in 2013 and passed outstandingly, I set my eyes on scholarships regardless of where they came from. Because of the newness of South Sudan from the rest of the world countries, almost every country offered scholarships to South Sudan in an attempt to create friendship but these scholarships were first gotten by sons and daughters of big people, I mean Very Important Persons (VIPs). Many scholarships indeed came to South Sudan but were done as mentioned above. One of the scholarships I got heartbroken in was that in the then Ministry of Petroleum and Mining where I spent 3 consecutive days in the queue, on the fourth day, I drew nearer to the window where forms were taken from, counting 8 students in front of me. Surprisingly, a Police General in full uniform bypassed us with two short rosy-cheeked boys and got away solely with 5 forms, then an officer working in the office came out to inform us with a very shock news that scholarship forms have got finished as you saw this big man (Jenabu) has taken 5 forms himself. When I turned to see the reactions, others have already wiped away tears three times from their faces, then I also sat down to cry with tears as if a relative passed on. I wish we were all having garnets to explode them so that everybody in the building smelt it a rat. This made me pause searching for scholarships for a while. In the month of October, the Mighty Kingdom of Morocco offered scholarships of my interest in which I succeeded in getting a form, after meeting all the requirements needed, there remained a ticket which was by then at 350 $. All these processes took a month and a few days until Friday, 13th December 2013 when we were all informed to leave for Morocco on Tuesday 17th that same month and year. Sadly, a coup attempt or whatever name it has, took place on Sunday 15th and continued to become a war. Had we thought of leaving for Morocco by then? Instead, we ran to villages for safety. Recently, Coronavirus interrupted my trip to China for health training. A training I have suffered searching but was finally interrupted at hand. If all people are called now and asked for things distorted by Coronavirus, I guess there are those whose voices will not come out and those who will talk while tearing because of anger. How bad it is to fight an invisible enemy. An enemy whose foot prints are not spotted, an enemy whose appearance is indescribable and finally an enemy whose location is not tracked. During war, people were more comfortable compared to now where everybody is in the war front fighting Coronavirus. Situations are not compared, now the Coronavirus cases are slowing down, that means it has already reached its climax and is about to become normal but its becoming normal means becoming part of us. The body will soon develop an antibody to fight it in our bodies. If South Sudan Coronavirus cases are slowing down within 4 months since the first case was reported while other countries that reported their cases in the same month are still counting, then glory be to God and the spirit of the young nation for making the dignity of South Sudan weightier. All we need not to miss is to adhere more to preventive measures so that the virus gets no rooms for hiding. When Coronavirus returns to its origin, it will have a good story to tell to undiscovered viruses that South Sudan is hard to conquer and its people hardly die at once. It will have many recommendations to tell including bypassing South Sudan as its trials to jeopardize it become almost nothing at the end of the day. If Coronavirus is man-made as people say it is, then it will give these men hard time to re-artificialize and re-invigorate the virus so that it affects countries equally regardless of the advancement of each country’s healthcare system. Concerned organizations for health shouldn’t blame themselves too much for not curbing Coronavirus as it has challenged the whole world, it has taught it an unforgettable lesson that its solution must always be preparation for unheralded diseases.

The author is a medical student, University of Juba.

He can be reached at ourbankiscow@yahoo.com or +211922332811.

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