As a young student-writer, I am questing for peace

By Agar Mayor Gai

Peace means calmness, tranquillity and freedom from disturbance.  It is an important element of life that every human being wishes to have in his entire life activities unfortunately it can take almost your entire lifetime to achieve and that is the reason as to why it is good to enlighten the populace on how to achieve peace in your personal life and in the whole country.

There are many young student-writers who see writing as the most appropriate tool for changing the nation.

Therefore, their writings are a dedication to our dear leaders to be inspired, motivated and changed spiritually and mentally in order to embrace everlasting peace through forgiveness, reconciliation, respect, love and equality. These young opinions writers have extensively engaged on writing articles to quest for peace.

I pray that, God the Almighty, who created us and surely gave us what we thought help us live a peaceful and moral life. A life that values someone’s feelings and thoughts but instead we diverted away from these guidelines and followed the road with thorns piercing our heels every time that we try to move to a new level.

We chose a path that does not allow forward movement but backward compatibility. This path intends to lead us to where I can term as hell. And we, as the ones following this path have tried to branch from it but Satan (the leader of this path) is as strong as an iron.

He always tries by all means to make sure that peace does not prevail in our country. Our government and the rebel forces have so far dishonoured a number of peace agreements that were intended to bring peace and stability to the land of conflicts, corruption and crimes against humanity because Satanism has seriously taken charge in our hearts.

But I believe that with you (God the Almighty) everything is possible. Your power knows not any mountain or obstacle in your believer’s path. Though we are taken to be the most troubled state in this world, with you all these troubles can be turned into joy and happiness after having sought for your forgiveness.

As it is clearly stated in your holy word, that ask and you will be given, I and many young writers have been asking for peace to prevail in our country. I am also asking for your forgiveness. When Satan rebelled against you, you forgave him. When Saul was a great prosecutor of your holy saints, you forgave him. When your people (Israel) disobeyed your word, you forgave them. When the Romans killed your only son on the cross, you forgave them.

And now, we are here always lying on our beds with our bellies facing the sky hoping that you will hear our prayers. For how long father, shall we continue in this tough times? We know that we have violated your commandments and followed the rules of Satan by killing each other, betraying each other, stealing and looting our own resources at the expense of our people, loving ourselves more than you.

But we beg that you close your precious eyes and wash away our sins like you did to your people, the Israelites. Without you father, who else can take away all these sufferings and make us feel like real humans on the face of this earth? Our country is said to be carrying all the challenges on this earth but who can solve these challenges if it is not you?

Now that the warring parties have also said that they are tired of the sufferings of their local population, we kindly ask for your intervention. Make that on-going peace process in Addis Ababa a successful peace deal so that they come back home with peace witnessed in their faces. And as prayer is what it takes to achieve anything, we shall continue praying so that we can witness peace in our country.

In addition to God’s forgiveness, let’s also forgive each other. It is said that everyone is a sinner. And it’s true that you become a sinner after having wronged someone either by harming his or her feelings or violating their rights. And for the case of our country, all of us have wronged ourselves.

We have lost a lot of lives. We have lost a number of resources and properties. We have developed a very toxic hatred among ourselves and we can never succeed without eliminating tribalism, nepotism, and many barriers to a prosperous society. All these can only be got rid of through forgiveness, love, reconciliation, respect and Equality.

To be continued by another young student-writer…


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