Odongo Odoyo

Topical Commentary

With Odongo Odoyo

Too much noise and fear must now come to root. The Government has promised to clear the outstanding arrears which have been the nagging debate within the East African Community (EAC). The promise came at almost the same time with what transpired at the bloc’s council of ministers meeting in which they decided to give South Sudan up to the end of this month to sort out the issue of areas. It is this brotherhood that is important at this time. Not being suspended considering where the country has come from. It is the obligation of all to map out the right cause to follow and this country cannot remain behind without joining the bloc because of some important factors. Different opinions aside, there must be the heart to know and understand that no one is an island and together there are all the possibilities of success. There should be careful and concentrated efforts to tread carefully in matters of national interests such as the benefits of joining the bloc. The only forward march is to harmonize the relationship with good and trusted friends. This will help us develop and catch up by boosting the future economy of the country. True, there have been some quarters that have wanted to take advantage of the volatile situation which had been going on the country for their selfish end including some within the bloc itself. But learning is a continuous process that it is now turning to peaceful co-existence; there must be time to bring all to collectively build the country wherever they are. It is turning out that even the UN Mission in the country is telling the world that more than 600,000 refugees had returned back home to start new life within their backyards. They will only be going or travelling outside the country for business with their partners in the neighbouring countries. The mutual and actual interaction must be there between the bloc member countries and their citizens. It has to start now not tomorrow for the well-being of the region, the continent and the world. Instead of running away from reality and responsibility, the best of all is to face the fact of life. Let there be no brother in the bloc that claims to be better than the other because they started somewhere and we have also started somewhere with an aim of reaching somewhere beyond. With time it is possible to make it to a better future because almost everyone is preaching and talking peace. The bloc members should support this country at this time when it needs all their support to suspend but bring the country closer and ensure it succeeded in economic recovery and development within a short period of time without condition or pre-condition.


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