Artists whose beauty will make you fall in love

By Mandela Nelson Denis

As the saying goes beauty lies in the hands of the beholder, this week we bring you South Sudanese female artists whose beauty will let you fall in love with them before you even listen gto their songs.

The list of beautiful female artist in the land of Kush is endless but for today’s feature Juba Monitor unveils the frist five hottest female celebrities.

Many will say I am crushing on this ladies but hell no, I am just doing my job and keeping your minds entertained with the latest in the world of entertainment in the country.

Irene Toss, she is currently signed to Willy Entertainment Label and believed to be the self claimed queen of Hip-Hop in South Sudan’s city of Juba, dark, tall and slender is Irene and with her model frigure, this young talent is rocking Juba.

She goes by the names Hani Brevea and crowned her self the love doctor,fresh in the music scene and with the God’s blessed beauty, this young talent is capturing the airwaves of most Radio stations in the country.

Yanas is her musical name

With those pretty smiles on her face, if you donot see her beauty then you need to visit the nearest optician.

Formerly known as Shara Sabrino,Yanas rose to fame in the late 2016 and thanks to Vivacell Talent search for bringing her up.

The good news is she is enaged and when Juba Monitor caught up with her, she revealed that for the men who keep distrubing her, she leaves her boyfriend to deal with them.

Yanas does live music and she is building her own mark in the country’s music map.

Tvavy De Tablet

It should be noted that Willy Entertainment where Tvavy belongs is blessed with both talent and beauty, Tvavy is currently based in Kampala because of the numerous V8 owners who have been giving her hard times in Juba.

She is also in Ugandan city of Kampala for studies and our reliable source revealed that she keeps the streets of Kampala in Jam each time she steps out.

Queen Zee

The self-claimed first lady of the music industry has been in the music industry before hundreds of divas.

Though fading a bit, when you a random stranger in Juba or South Sudan and you meet Queen Zee for the first time and she reveals to you her art of music, you won’t hesitate to listen to her songs.

There are hundreds of talented female artists and each Friday Juba Monitor will feature five.


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