Artist’s union launches registration campaign

By Wek Atak Kacjang

The president of South Sudan Artists Union has launched a registration campaign for all the arts stake holders in the country. 

The campaign will help to identify all arts in the union within the country.

Speaking to Juba Monitor yesterday, SSAU president, Hamet Deng William said no one should organize a show without the union’s approval, any member or non-member found doing that is against the law.

“No South Sudanese artist shall represent the union or talk on behalf of South Sudanese Artists abroad, in the county and/or in the neighboring countries without being officially authorized by the union, he/she should have standard of obedience, be good and law abiding citizen. No any of the artists shall sing fellow artists’ song: without his approval.  

Duop Puor Duop, Vice President of the Artists’ Union said all clubs must register with SSAU and will be issued certificate, otherwise unregistered clubs/bars cannot play any of the local and international music.

“No company, organization or promoter should bring any artists from outside the country for the performance without approval of SSAU otherwise the concert will be canceled. International artists shall pay 40% to get approvable from SSAU for the concert without approvable from SSAU,”

He added that all the clubs should respect the regulations of SSAU and cooperate with other artists.

He revealed that the members of the SSAU are asked to observe the regulation of the union for the progress of the union. Any member who goes against the rules and regulation of the South Sudan Artists Union shall be held accountable in the following steps.

“He or she who infringes the rule and regulations of south Sudan artists union will be summoned before a disciplinary body of the union. He or she will be warned of the misconduct. Secondly he will be issued with warning letter in case of repeated misconduct,” Duop said.

Duop stated that if the same member goes against the above conditions then he will be dismissed from Performance, union, and public performance without any benefit. In case a member mishandles any resources of the union, he/she will be asked to pay back.

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