Artists request permission to perform night music

By Hassan Arun

Local musicians in Yei River County are calling on the authorities to
permit them perform night music shows as a way to earn living.

Speaking to Juba Monitor, Chris David a member expressed
disappointment for being denied the privilege to organize music shows in
order to raise funds for themselves.

Night music clubs shows in Yei were suspended indefinitely as a result of

2016 crisis.

“You know denying us from performing night shows is disturbing us the
artist because most of us in South Sudan survive on music but it is
closed then survival becomes very difficult to earn living. We request
the government to improve security and allow us perform our duties in
order to exercise our talents,” David expressed.

Another artist Johnny, commonly known by stage name Black J. said
 coronavirus has also affected music industry in Yei.

He mention that music is the only source of their income and calls on
the government to reconsider them to perform their music

saying it will improve their singing.

“Since the beginning of coronavirus pandemic, we faced the
challenge of closure of public places like Churches, mosques and
clubs has affected us negatively. So we musicians, how can we earn
our living? What will encourage us if night shows are stopped, I call
on the government to reverse the order,” Johnny stressed.

Nancy Viola a female promoter commends that artist in Yei
survive through music arts, adding that denying them performance is


“As a promoter we normally survive on organizing shows by
bringing artists from both outside and within and that’s the way of
survival in Yei but since they have stopped us from organizing night
shows it is really a great challenge, because many times it is the
night shows that has money,” added Viola.

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