Artists protest banning of music shows

By Bakindo Stephen

Artists in Maridi County Western Equatoria have protested against the banning of their music shows following a local order issued by County Commissioner.

The secretary of MaridiCounty artists union Mr. Kufele Kufusaid the decision taken by the County Commisioner to suspend music activities was against the freedom of association.

“Burning of music shows and local dance in the town is not good move by the new county authority, music is a sign of peace through music, we sing songs that relief people from trauma. Secondly, organizing Music Showshelp us get some income that help us,”Kufu said.

For his part, one of the city music promoters in Maridi county Mr.Tabule Levisaid music is a sign of peace which should not be abolished.

“Music cannot spoil children;musicis a talent which normally start at early age of human life. Music promotes peace.The county authorities should know that music bring people together and make people to live inpeaceand harmony and if we are in peace, why ban music show in the town,” Mr. Levi asked.

The local order read as 02/4/2021, “as local order 02/2021 issued for the banning and closing of all types of dances such as;Dj. Organ, local dances music shows and discos in the towntill November2021, anyone found violating thisorder shall be imprisoned for the term of three months and fined fifteen thousand South Sudanese pound”.

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