Artists join fight against Coronavirus pandemic

By Mandela Nelson Denis

South Sudanese music legends have joined the global fight against coronavirus pandemic that is sweeping out the mankind.

Several artists in South Sudan have composed songs to create public awareness on the deadly virus.

According to the World Health Organization latest report, South Sudan, Lesotho and Malawi are the three African countries that have no case of Coronavirus.

In order to contain the spread of the Virus into the country, music legends including vocalist Wj De King, Mc Lumoex and Neetah Baibe have come out to show their role in keeping the nation free of the pandemic.

The artists produced songs so as to educate the country about the health measures that should be taken in order to prevent Coronavirus.

Mc Lumoex while preparing for the coronavirus video shoot in Juba, said once the masses are educated, the Covid-19 shall be fought.

“The only way we can fight coronavirus is by educating our people about health measures, such as washing hands with soap, keeping social distance and reporting any case to the health authorities,” Mc Lumoex said.

Wj De King said that Coronavirus does not discriminate and through the song he hopes that the message of staying safe can be followed.

“Our message in the Coronavirus song is to inform everyone to take care and follow the health instructions in order to stay safe and above all our general hygiene is very important at the time,” said Wj De King.

The coronavirus awareness song also features female star Neetah Baibe who said fighting the virus is the role of everyone in the country.

Neetah Baibe said everyone living in South Sudan has a great role to play in ensuring that the virus is prevented from entering the country.

“From all corners of the country, we all have a role to play, whether a local or foreigner, the fight against coronavirus is our fight and we must take it serious,” Neetah Baibe said.

Neetah Baibe warned that no one should joke with coronavirus because it is real and it kills.

Isaka No 1 award winning reggae star also did a song on Coronavirus and currently being used for creating awareness campaign by South Sudan Red Cross Society.

Though no case of coronavirus has been reported in South Sudan, the population has been given strict guidelines to follow in order to stay safe.

A group from Willy Entrainment team under the best Boys has also joined the fight against coronavirus by composing a song.

Comedians such as Wokil aka Jesh Commando, VIP and Badrikio have also done short comic videos educating people about coronavirus.

Across the globe musicians such as Cardi B also did a song on coronavirus, in Uganda Bobi Wine and Nubian Lee composed an awareness song too.

In Tanzania Ranvey also composed a song on the pandemic, different artists are doing all they can to educate the masses about coronavirus.

On the contrary Silver X who is based in Kampala has openly criticized artists who have rushed to do a song on coronavirus, accusing them of wanting cheap fame.

According to Silver X the artists who composed songs on coronavirus would have taken their time to produce great messages.

“The artists would have taken their time and produced something nice, so that people can enjoy and pick the messages,” Silver X said.

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