Artist’s court case in limbo

Musician Duop Pur Duop

By John Agok

The court case saga of South Sudan musician Duop Pur Duop on the land dispute is at standstill in the Judiciary of South Sudan’s (JOSS) brace.

The land dispute case between Duop, the deputy chair of the South Sudan Artists’ Union, and Cosmos Juma has taken a twist turns as the appellant Duop appealed to the jurisdiction of the Juba High Court.

However, the verdicts from two courts of Gudele and Kator Payam Court had been ignored as the Supreme Court requested the case to be transferred to Juba High Court where initially plaintiff Duop appealed. The defendant Cosmos Juma appealed to Kator Payam Court after losing the case against plaintiff Duop at Gudele court verdict, with different jurisdictions, Duop appealed to Supreme Court. Although the Supreme Court ordered the file to be transferred from Kator Payam Court headed by Mujahid Abdullah Akol, a move which is in slow-moving as Juba Monitor witnessed file case still waiting on the desk without being transferred as suggested legally.

The document seen by Juba Monitor Newspaper from Supreme Court dated 29th March 2022 read as follows: “To President of Court of Appeal Greater Equatoria Circuit Juba. Sub: Trail of accused Cosmos Juma “Please could you send the case papers in respect of the above mentioned accused of consideration of an appeal submitted before this court by Advocate Santo Makuach on behalf of the appellant to Supreme Court by Supreme Court – Juba signed by Peter Aggrey Lasu (JOSS)”, Document reads.

Duop’s legal advocate Santo Makuach told Juba Monitor that, they are following up with Supreme Court to write a final letter requesting the file’s case to be transferred from Kator Court.

“We are waiting to hear from Supreme Court who is ready to write a final letter of transferring file’s case from Kator Court to this jurisdiction. We are keenly following, since the verdict from Kator Court was illegal and contravene the jurisdictions, this case was a land crime and should go there”, he Makuach said.

Cosmos and his lawyer voices refuted the media since the first ruling in Gudele Court.

Gudele Court headed by Judge Thomas Garang last year in December passed a final verdict in favor of plaintiff Duop Pur Duop against defendant Cosmos Juma for being found guilty of having inconsistent documents of land registration dates and years. Therefore, Cosmos was convicted for 6 months imprisonment on land crime under supervision subjected to 15 days appeal, and submit plot number 40 with immediate effect to Duop.

The Court under the 2008 land act Article 341 forbids crimes of land ownership by illegal owners.

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