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Artistic work exhibition concluded in Uganda

By Martin Manyiel

The massive exhibition of artistic work was done as essential way of ending a five-day workshop on stress therapeutic training whereby South Sudanese participants and Ugandan facilitators, as well as other participants from Sudan attended the final exhibition of artistic work. The activity was initiated by participants using their acquired talents to heal trauma and mental health through music, storytelling, and art work. All participants exhibited their skills and ability to recover from trauma as a result of war impacts.

Speaking to participants Mr.Karis Moses Oteba, a facilitator, said that the refugees through art, music and storytelling one could change from being idle person making trash into useful individuals that could result in a decent free from stressful life through music or art therapy and become productive human being that could effectively contribute in nation building, he said.

James Wek, a South Sudanese participant demonstrated the effect of floods through painting whereby cattle and people lived in dire need of humanitarian assistance in relations to climatic changes affecting the entire world as a result of humans interfering with mother nature which was extremely dangerous to the environment surrounding the human being.

During the closure of the five-day workshop, participants did exhibition ranging from artistic work, cloth making, storytelling drawing or painting, musical production used as stress therapeutic relieves.However, participants largely benefited from training whereby each participant walked away with skills, knowledge and mentally relieved from different types of stresses that came previous situations they experienced.  Participants pledged to be peace ambassadors in the region while continuing to demand for respect of human rights in Africa and South Sudan for citizens to enjoy their constitutional rights without discrimination of any community.

 Throughout the five-day workshop that started on Monday 11 October 15, 2021, participants largely participated in many ways starting from storytelling that encouraged human rights defenders in training organized by Human Rights DefendDefender at Silver Springs Hotel in Kampala.

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