Artist survives attack by unknown gunman

Garang Ateng pointing to one of the bullet holes

By Mandela Nelson Denis

Singer Garang Ateng on Tuesday survived shots on his way back home from Juba bridge hotel to Juba residential area by unknown gunman at around 9:30pm.

Garang was driving his black Hummer at the time of the incident in company of six people. He however revealed to Juba Monitor that no one got wounded by the gun shots, but one lady got a minor cut by broken glass.

“We passed via Konyo-konyo and reached Kator where we were shot at by unknown people, I don’t know the motives but thank God that none of us was hurt except one lady in the car who got some small cut,” Garang told Juba Monitor.

The Black Hummer had a number of bullet holes and one broken window.

The singer revealed that this is the first time he has been shot at and he can’t explain why it happened.

He however advised the youths to avoid moving at night saying that some areas that are unsecured must be avoided.

“I advise the youths to be careful while moving at night and if possible stop, if you must then make sure you go to places that are safe, avoid hanging out in isolated places, places known for harboring criminals must be avoided,” he said.





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