Arsenal fans clean Al Sabah Children’s hospital

By Mandela Nelson Denis

Arsenal fans in South Sudan have decided to clean and fill the gaps of beds, mattresses and bed sheets at Al Sabah Children’s hospital soon.

Sebit Williams, the Chairperson of Arsenal funs revealed during the cleanup exercise at Al-shabah Hospital that the team will donate beds, bed sheets and mattresses to fill in the gaps at the hospital.

“Al Shaba Hospital currently is serving hundreds of children with health issues and we want every child to have where to sleep and have something to cover their sleeves with, the children are our future and we all know that sometimes the hospital is over whelmed,” said Sebit.

Sebit explained that currently the fans are mobilizing to ensure that in two weeks’ time the materials to be donated to the hospitals are ready to put smiles on the faces of the country’s future generation.

The cleanup activities that attracted Arsenal fans were to celebrate the winning of the FA Cup and Community Shield in the month of August.

Al Sabah Children’s hospital is the only referral hospital in South Sudan. We chose Al Sabah Children’s hospital because the Children are the future of this country and the hospital is serving the children from all the Ten States and the three Administrative areas.   

Sebit William urged the youth to be the change they want in the country and do the little they can to serve the community. “The youth should stop the blame games and identify a problem and then see how they can help.

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