Arrested MPs to face law in Eastern Lakes

By Moses Gum Degur

The Governor of Eastern Lakes State, Bor Philip Wutchok Bor said the three Members of Parliament arrested in Eastern Lakes last week over alleged incitement of public to escalate inter-tribal fights in the State will face the law.

The MPs were on Tuesday arrested by members of the National Security following allegations that they were mobilizing the public not to get involved in the search for raided cattle in order to return them to their owners.

The MPs are; Marial Amuom Malek, Ater Jeremiah Telar, and Madeu Angong Nek.

The MPs face charges of obstruction of the State policies on the recovery of looted cattle, incitement of public and cattle herders to escalate inter-tribal fights and create more insecurity in the state, and other charges including drunkenness on official working hours.

In an earlier interview with Juba Monitor, the Minister of information in Eastern Lakes State, Abraham Majak Makur, confirmed that the three MPs violated local orders passed by the County authorities that banned consumption of alcohol during working hours 08:00 am to 05:00 pm” said Makur

The Minister also asserted that the three MPs were inciting the communities under the influence of alcohol.

Makur blamed the three MPs for using wrong channels of communication to incite the people and discredit the image of some Ministers and the government officials of the State.

However, Minister Makur also denied any torture meted on the MPs as claimed by their family members.


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