ARMY cantonment sites near collapse

By Martha David

The peace monitoring body- Ceasefire Transitional Security Arrangement Monitoring and Verification Mechanisms (CTSAMVM) says most of the cantonment sites were near collapse as they continue to lack logistical support.

The chairperson Major General Teshome Gemechu Adare said there has been little improvement in terms of logistical support to the sites.

“Regretfully, there has been little improvement in terms of logistical support to the cantonment sites. On the other side, CTSAMVM again observed that the system remains close to collapse. Cantonment commanders have told CTSAMVM that they are awaiting information regarding when the forces currently in the cantonment sites will move to the training Centres and to Disarmament Demobilization and Reintegration,” Teshome said while addressing the 16th CTSAMVM Board Meeting yesterday. 

The meeting focuses on the outstanding pre-transitional tasks and violation reports.

Last month, the CTSAMVM said most of the soldiers in the training centers were leaving due to lack of food and shelter.

He said there were still a lot of things to be improved at the training center.

The training center commanders have continued to report insufficient medical equipment and training personnel, he said.

He said the DDR teams have not been deployed in the training centers adding that some training centers have not received the syllabus, uniforms and boots. 

On another observation, Teshome said the monitoring body continues to observe clashes between the parties to the agreement especially in the Central Equatoria regions.

 “There have been no recorded clashes between the signatories of ceasefire since we last met, however the tensions still remain on and around the Sobat river between the SSPDF and IO, there are ongoing clashes between the forces of NAS and SSPDF as well as the SPLM/IO. The most significant of this has been in Central Equatoria besides there also increasing reports of violence in Western Equatoria,” he said.

He added that CTSAMVM has already submitted serious violations against the Civilians in Central Equatoria State and that there was a third report involving violence against civilians in Yei areas since March 2019.

“All have been serious violations and all have been committed by the SSPDF,” he said.

There have been clashes between the National Salvation Front led by Gen. Thomas Cirilo and the SSPDF in the areas of Yei in Central Equatoria State, displacing thousands of civilians.

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