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Arms trigger inter-communal conflicts,Police

By Lodu William Odiya

The South Sudan National Police Service (SSNPS) said that the present of small arms in the hands of the civilians is one of the factors contributing to the inter-communal fighting  in the country.

Speaking to  Juba Monitor on phone, The Deputy Spokesperson of  South Sudan National police service, Brig. Gen. James Dak Karlo, said that inter-communal fighting  is everywhere because most communities possess weapons which encouraged fights.

“Arms are the what triggering and encouraging the inter-communal fight because without the arms, deaths cannot be of that toll,” said Karlo.

He said that police was on standby 24/7 until January next year as an effort to mitigate criminal occurrences in the country.

“So Christmas always comes with problems, it comes with unknown gunmen and the bandits. We are now on standby, all our forces are on standby in collaboration with south Sudan people’s defense forces (SSPDF) as well as the south Sudan National security service (SSNSS) and the integrated forces whom soon or later be graduated, before the Christmas, so we are on standby until January,” he added.

He said that November and December were the toughest months in their calendar of the year, adding that crime rates increased as everybody wanted to squander and use money through corruption for Christmas.

He however said that they had toured the ten states and three administrative areas to preach the modalities of reporting crimes.

“The community has to come together to report crimes, I think they are doing very well, the cooperation we have built now, confident and trust that was not there before and we are cooperating with the community,” he said.

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