An armed security officer mingling with the public while off duty and possibly drunk is beyond imagination. Not only armed with small firearm but with grenade. This is what happened in Yambio when a prison warder disagreed with his fellow colleagues resulting to the discharged of the dangerous explosion which killed and injured a number of people. Worse of all, how a prison warder left his duty station armed with the grenade is yet a matter of investigation. It is like the laws and rules that require all security agents, except those on special assignments to surrender their arms on signing off from duty which is standard requirement worldwide do not apply any more or it is being abused by the same officers who are required to maintain the laws. Every station commander or those in charge of command posts should be vigilant in discharging their duties more so where the use of arms is concerned. Many times, the arms being carried away without authorities either end up in the wrong hand and used wrongly for crimes against innocent members of the public. The system should be full-proofed that only those on special assignment are allowed to carry with them the arms which should be properlydocumented by their respective and responsible head of sections. The unauthorized arms should be properly docketed in the armoury and should not be allowed outside the premises without being authorized. A number of cases of arms landing or being found in the wrong hands intended for criminal purposes are on the rampant. This must be reduced by controlling the movements of the arms in and outside the stores considering that there are so many guns in the wrong hands which are yet to beretrieved for safety. It will take a while to have all arms in the wrong hands taken for safe custody but the system of safety must start now.

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