ARMS, General blames forces for misuse

By: Elia Joseph Loful

The Chairperson of Bureau for Community security and Small Arms Control, General Andrew Kuol on Saturday blamed organized forces leaders for misuse and lack of control of firearms in the country.

Speaking at the closing of a one week workshop for organized forces leaders which was organized by the Ministry of Interior in collaboration with Bonn International Centre for Conversion (BICC) and Regional Centre on Small Arms and Light Weapons (RECSA) Lt. General Adrew Kuol said “Soldiers are killing people and  the commanders are not controlling them , “Let me be frank to you, you are not controlling the soldiers,” Kuol said. He further called upon the leaders to put more effort in order to silence guns adding that many died due to misuse of weapons.

“You should be ambassadors of silencing guns, because our country is terribly bleeding because of misuse and lack of control of army and the guns,” Kuol said.

He said that ammunition reach the communities through the organized forces cautioning them to control the flow of rampant weapons across the country.

Kuol openly told the leaders that they were responsible for the killing of innocent civilians stressing that they were divided along ethnic-lines.

“Where do those who kill civilians come from? It is you, they come from within you and you are also dividing yourselves based on ethnic lines,” he said.

The Chairperson said army generals were often accused of giving out firearms to communities.

“The Generals are being blamed for arms to their relatives and may be people they know, and I think also you may be doing the same also; but why are we killing our people, where will you get your population from,”Kuol emphasized.

Meanwhile Mr.Nikhil Acharya, the Senior Technical Advisor for Arms and Ammunition control, said the security in the country depends on its neighbors saying no country was able to solve its problems alone.

“As we know the security of South Sudan depends on its neighbors and security of the neighbors, the countries in the region depends on security level in South Sudan. And no single country can deal with the problems of small arms and light weapons control alone,” Nikhil said.

He said they were working to support regional approach in controlling illicit weapons and ammunitions.

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