Armed youth kill 23 in cattle raid

By James Atem Kuir

At least 23 people have been killed and unknown number left injured over two days of cattle raid violence between armed youths from Terekeka County in Kuda and Rombur, Northwest of Kworjik Luri Payam.

The armed cattle keepers engaged in fierce clashes after one group attack and looted a number of cows from a cattle camp outside Koda, a village situated west of Luri Payam on Sunday and continued into Monday 27th without stoppage.

Three people were later killed in a separate attack on herders who were driving their cattle towards Terekeka County, just few kilometers away from the SSPDF army headquarters, Bilpam on Monday according to the deputy administrator of Luri Payam.

Fenterlino Sebit the deputy administrator said armed youths from Yangwara, Tali and Kobura were involved in the two days of violent counter raids.

He asserted that the number of those dead could be higher because the fighting largely took place in the forest and that the sites are yet to be accessed.

“The armed youths fought in Kuda and Rombur from Sunday night until Monday morning. 13 people were killed from one group and another 8 were also killed from the other side. Many cows were also looted. 21 is the number known so far but many people could have died in the forest because we have not gone to check scenes of the fighting in the forest, they were fighting in the forest. I have not confirmed the number of people injured,” he narrated the incident to Juba Monitor in a phone interview yesterday.

Mr. Sebit stressed that calm has been restored following deployment of security forces in the restive area.

Meanwhile, the office of the Governor of Central Equatoria State, Emmanuel Adil Anthony has condemned the intersectional violence and calls for restrain to allow investigations into the root causes of the violence that continue to persistently erupt.

Derrick Derrickson, the press secretary in the office of the governor said those behind the fighting will be held responsible for their actions while peace efforts will be initiated to bring an end to the violence.

“It’s very unfortunate that lives were lost and the leadership of the state condemned it in the strongest terms possible. The leadership is putting robust efforts in place to deter re-occurrences. The security forces are going to do their best to bring the culprits to book,” Derrickson stressed.

Security sources on the ground who did not want to be named said as many as 39 people were killed in the two-day raids with women and children casualties counted among the dead.

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