Armed youth clashed in Lakes State

By Mabor Riak Magok

Fighting broke out between armed youth from Yirol West and Rumbek East in Lakes state on Tuesday.

Speaking to Juba Monitor, the Deputy Executive Director of Alualuak Payam of Yirol West County Daniel Ichok Dhieu said three people were killed following the fight.

Daniel Ichok said the security situation is calmsaying police forces are making high way patrolling between Rumbek East and Yirol West Counties.

“The criminals met themselves in Til-kuc area for cattle exchange, and this is where they started to fight leaving two people dead on spot, and yesterday night,the criminals came to Mapuordit and they managed to kill also one person,”said Dhieu.

The acting commissioner of police in Yirol Town Daniel Maghor Deng said that they have confirmed the incident of the clashes.

However, the Yirol West county Town Clerk who is the Acting Commissioner, Mr.Balang Arok Dakbai said security forces have been sent to carry out high way patrol at the border between Rumbek East and AlualuakPayam.

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