Armed robbery in Yei should stop

The recent case which was reported that more than twenty shops were looted by armed robbers in Yei River State is not a good behavior. It should be condemned.  According to the news reports in the country, the traders in Yei town who are mostly from Kenya, Uganda, and Ethiopia and Somalia are likely closedown their businesses and leave if their business are not protected. Protecting the business communities and their properties in Yei should be considered seriously by the government of Yei River state.

They are frustrated because all the money they paid for securing their goods went without positive results of protection of their shops.  They might leave Yei if the government fails to provide enough security for their assets.   The commissioner of Yei County revealed that some of the armed robbers came with a vehicle to pick the goods from the shops they looted. This is very unfortunate. How did they come to break shops and load the stolen goods in a car(s) in one or more occasions without a quick response from the security organs in Yei town? The government of the State is not doing enough to combat cases of breaking shops by arm robbery?

All over the country, there are a lot of cases of armed robbers by people in uniform. There is nothing called unknown armed robbers or Unknown gunmen as they always refer to them. Most of the arm robbers who break into shops and people’s houses and steal their properties are ethnically and socially known. The image of the country is being tarnished by things that do not belong to our culture.

With the exception of cattle rustling which is a different thing by nature, taking someone else’s property by force was/is no part of our culture up to date.    I am just wondering why bad things such as armed robbery is becoming the order of the day in Yei. How long are going to continue like this? How long shall the condition of Yei remain like this without a solution to our problems?

In time when we were still struggling to achieve independence or to break away from the Arabs in Sudan, our people were united and peaceful. Earlier, they were living in harmony of brotherhood. It’s unfortunate that the early live of harmony we use to enjoy before we got our independence is now replaced with hatred, tribalism, racism, ethnical division, corruption and  looting of properties of innocent citizens in rural areas by arm robbers and many other bad stuff happening in our country.

Peace without unity and love is not the true peace that the majority of our people favor. Peace without harmony and togetherness is not the peace that will bring a change of political stability in the country. Peace with the politics of tribalism is a peace that would not value the hope for building viable (sustainable) strong nation with democracy and good governance.

Energetic men like the ones who are looting and breaking shops in Yei are supposed to use their useful energy to farm (if they know how to), and do developmental activities that many people will appreciate other than engage in looting shops and breaking into people’s houses. The culture of looting or breaking shops or taking people’s properties by force should be discouraged. It is not good. It is an omen of bad culture. A culture of foreign people. We watch these acts in movies, now it is happening in our own land. It would not foster for the unity we need to coexistence peacefully and in harmony. The culture of arm robbery should stop.

Many of our political figures within the ruling system in the country, advocating for peace and harmony, are doing something different from what they should be doing. No one is advocating for the peace we need in Yei River state.  Their advocacy is not comprehensive at all. You cannot tell your neighbor to sweep is house when your trash ford is dirty.

The government of Yei should make a comprehensive security strategy in the state so as to stop the unfavorable practices of looting shops of the businessmen by arm robbers. If the government of Yei State is facing challenges of lack of satisfactory security organs, then it is unfortunate because the citizens are relaying on their government to protect them and anyone within the boundaries of Yei River state.

By Omuno M. Otto

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