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Armed robbers attack deputy mayor’s home

AterAyielWolgol, Juba City Deputy Mayor at his residence, photo by Merio Jimmy

By Merrio Jimmy

A group of armed robbershave attacked the home of the deputy mayor of Juba city council, AterAyielWolgolon Sunday night, leaving one of his bodyguards injured on the leg.

“I received a phone call from one of the family membersat night alerting me of some criminals who were trying to break my gate. I came out together with my guards and found nothing like criminalsaround the area,” Ayielsaid.

He said after turning back, the armed robbers got out from hiding and started shooting at them injuring the bodyguardin hit the right leg.

The criminals thentook off after exchanging fire with the bodyguards, the deputy mayor narrated to Juba Monitor.

He said the injured officer is at the hospital and his condition is stable.

Ayiel said thisis the second time that his home is being attacked by armed robbers in less than a year.

He said in January,a group of armed robbersbroke into his house and looted many items from his room.

“Some robbers were arrested and taken to Munuki Police station but they were said to have disappeared from the police detention before trial,” the mayor regretted.

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