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Armed oppositions in Wau accept peace

By Kitab A Unango

The Governor of Wau State, Angelo Taban Biajo on Sunday said that armed opposition groups in his state have accepted to join the peace implementation.

Governor Taban said the state government was in close communication with the armed opposition groups within his state so as to bring peace to the people of Wau.

“We have communicated with armed oppositions who are in Beselia, Bagare, Kpaile and other places around Wau and asked them to join the peace process and they have accepted,” the governor told Juba Monitor in an exclusive interview.

“They said they will soon form their committee to come and meet with us and we are waiting for them so that our people in Wau can have peace,” Governor Taban added.

The Wau State Governor said his government was on the process of reopening Wau-Tombura Road previously closed due to armed insurgence adding that all other roads connecting the state capital with other counties were functioning.

“As I am talking to you today, I am preparing to reopen Tombura Road because peace has come. Other roads including Bagara and Beselia roads are now functioning. Civilians are now moving freely without any problem,” Taban added.

The governor called on all oppositions who did not take part in the current peace process to revoke their decision for the sake of peace in the country.

“I am calling other oppositions who are not part of the peace implementation to put down their weapons and join the peace process so that our people live in peace because war can never solve any problem,” he stressed.

The government and apposition groups reached a deal in September this year to end the suffering of South Sudanese. One month later on October 31st, all the signatories to the deal including the designate First Vice President Dr. Riek Machar gathered in the capital Juba to celebrate the dawn of peace which brought back hope to South Sudanese.




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