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Armed groups terrorized parts of Imotong State

By Morris Dogga

The governor of Imotong, Tobiolo Albert Oromo, has said that there are two armed groups that are still terrorising people in some parts of the state. He did not mention the identity of those armed groups.

Governor Oromo disclosed this to the media while addressing a press conference in Juba yesterday. Mr. Oromo described these groups as some “individuals who have no political agenda.”

He alleged that these groups continue to ambush vehicles and robe people on Juba-Torit road to support their families who are in the refugee camps. He also disclosed that some members of these groups had been arrested and one of them was shot dead last week on Saturday.

“Despite all these threats, the security situation in the state has remained calm, except in some parts where there are still some elements of armed groups that are disturbing the people,” Governor Oromo said. “We don’t have many armed groups, there are only two groups within one territory,” he added.

According to the Imotong State Governor, the groups are not rebels, but few individuals who are looting vehicles in the villages. Mr. Oromo further said since the month of August no sounds of guns have been heard in the state. He also said there has been no any military confrontation reported in the state.

Mr. Oromo disclosed that out of the twelve counties in Imotong State, Torit West County was the only county where armed criminals are still active and operating.

The governor reiterated that the armed group in Torit West were people who might have left their villages due to gross crimes they committed and that others were escaping family responsibilities.

Mr. Oromo also said the state government was pursuing them to accept peaceful solutions to end the ongoing conflict.

After the renewed violence that broke out in July 2016 at the State House (J-1) in Juba, several armed group have emerged in different parts of the country. Since then, there have been several ambushes on passengers’ vehicles along almost all the roads leading out of Juba, and the government had always blamed the armed opposition forces for these attacks.


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