Armed groups increase due to slow peace implementation

Members of the Umbrella Opposition of more than 12 political parties have said the emergence of armed opposition groups was due to lack of the implementation of the peace agreement.

In a statement to Juba Monitor, Peter Mayen Majongdit, Leader of Umbrella of Opposition Political Parties and Chairman of the People’s Liberal Party (PLP) said the armed opposition groups are completely discontented with the lack of commitment of the parties to implement the Agreement on the Resolution of the Conflict in South Sudan (ARCSS).

According to Majongdit, it has been observed that the current peace agreement had limited participation of all political parties in the Transitional Government of National Unity (TGoNU) which had threatened democracy and promoted armed oppositions leading to severe suffering of citizens and jeopardizing the country’s prosperity.

He said the limited participation of opposition political parties in the current peace agreement has resulted in democratic vacuum in the country.

“It is quite obvious that the armed oppositions failed to ensure democratic transformation to take place and the current peace agreement is really without democracy,” he said.

He said all agreements and transitional governments worldwide always involved the participation of the political parties in opposition because they are key stakeholders in the country’s decision making.

Majongdit said participation of opposition political parties would balance the political and personal inconsistency of the warring parties that made the IGAD heads of state to propose involvement of the strange group that would lead into a perfect balance of the interests and ensure the revitalization of the agreement.

He said opposition is the only means for power balance because absence of democratic process had resulted in more suffering of South Sudanese people and a possible disintegration and devastation of the country.

According to Majongdit, the Umbrella Political Parties have welcomed the recent IGAD communiqué on the revitalization of the ARCSS to ensure restoration of peace to the South Sudanese people.

“We the Umbrella of Opposition Political Parties strongly support the resolution and communiqué of IGAD and shall continue to support any steps taken to restore peaceful environment to reduce the suffering of our people,” Majondit said in a statement.

By Sworo Charles Elisha



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