Armed Gok youth kill SSPDF soldiers

By Nema Juma

At least eight soldiers allied to the South Sudan People’s Defense Forces have died in an ambush in Gok State over the weekend, state authorities have said.

The soldiers were reportedly ambushed on their way to recover stolen cattle from a camp in the state.

The incident also led to the death of two civilians while a soldier sustained serious wounds, according to the state information minister.

Speaking on the phone from Gok State, John Madhol said on 31st August, about 20 SSPDF soldiers went to the cattle camp known as Good Lake with directives from a Brigadier General’s kraal.

“The forces were sent to recover the cattle of the army officer who was killed earlier last week on compensation and those youth from the cattle camp attacked the South Sudan Peoples’ Defense Forces and one was wounded and two civilian killed,” Madhol said.

He said authorities at the state government on Monday ordered security agencies to apprehend the armed youth behind the ambush.

“They should be arrested and taken to court for trial because what they did is against the law and cannot be tolerated,” Madhol added.

Cattle related incidences are common between pastoralist communities in South Sudan. Clashes involving armed youth have often led to loss of lives.

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