Are you a true leader or just a boss?

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Dr. Bak Banaba Chol

Leadership is the ability to influence followers to willingly do what is expected of them. It is a process of social influence, which maximizes the efforts of others towards the achievement of a shared goal. There are many types of leadership, transformational, charismatic, transactional, servant leadership and many others. All these types of leadership styles play different roles at different levels and times. They have different approaches and techniques on their applications. There are many styles, paths to effective leadership. You don’t need to be in a certain position or hierarchy to provide leadership. It is all about influencing others to do the job without being directed or harassed. You influence them by what you say and do. That is to let them do it well or better. You influence them to be the very best they can be. Yes, you just need to have a clear cutting-goals, well-articulated objectives and a clear vision that motivates everybody to rally at and follow as expected. If your organization doesn’t have a clear spelled-outcomes, then don’t expect your influence to last. Certainly leadership is not management. There is a big gap between managers and leaders. If you had read the difference between these two, lucky you! If you haven’t I encourage you to know the difference or at least read the article further. These two are not synonymous at all. Managers plan, measure, monitor, hire and fire. They manage things and achieve results. That is good, isn’t it? But you know what, leaders lead people. They nurture leaders, attract attention, motivate employees to act on their own. That is why they say, leaders are those who have followers. You can’t be a leader if you don’t have people who believe in you, trust you and see their future in you. Please note that what motivates others to follow you is the shared destiny. Their fate is tight to that of yours. They do it because they know if they don’t, you will not collectively reach where you desire to be. So everybody becomes a watch dog to him/herself. Some people think that leadership is on the top management. At the board level where decisions are made. Too many think that senior executive members are the ones supposed to provide leadership only. To their surprise, leadership is at all levels. At the bottom, in the middle and on the top. Wherever you are in the organization, provide leadership. Sometimes we invest millions into a conglomerate or portfolio and wonder why it fails. It is simply because we don’t provide leadership. Many investors dwell into different investments without asking where their organization is heading to. It is true that companies are formed to maximize profits or earn their founders some cash. But do these shareholders know how to craft business strategies? How to motivate employees? How to encourage various departments to achieve the desired goals? Perhaps many think by paying salaries, allowances and bonuses things will turn goal at the end. My friend, not everybody working for you needs money! Not all of them get motivated by pay cheque. Some are working because they like the job, in love with their passion, feel relax because they are settled somewhere in their dream job. These kind of employees need your presence. They need direction and clear vision of where the company needs to be in five years, in many years to come. They need recognition and appreciation. Sometimes a word “thank you” is more than enough. They have their goals if you haven’t set yours. So, organizational leadership works dually, the best for individual and what is the best for a group as a whole simultaneously. It is also an attitude and a work ethic that empowers an individual in any role to lead, as I said from the top, middle, or bottom of an organization. Leadership at the firm maximizes efficiency and effectiveness. To refresh, let’s know what a good leader looks like. Good leaders are decisive, quick in decision making and excellent in time management. They got no time to waste since they recognize the importance of high productivity. They are consistent and practical, never say what they don’t do and deliver on their promises as expected. Good leaders don’t lose sight on the set goals. They are very focus and problem solvers. They are humble and accountable. Take responsibility and correct wrong path very fast. Easy to deal with and clear on the agenda. They give credit where it is due and help people or employees grow confidently. Good leaders communicate effectively and always have confidence in their decisions and are never afraid of the unknown. As I said earlier they are trustworthy and willing to nurture their followers to be leaders. If your hired CEO lacks some or all of the above, fire him and bring in someone different. Your organization isn’t going anywhere if that sheep continue to be the head. I have seen companies with no clear goals, they just shout money and money but never know that money doesn’t grow on trees! You need to sit down and hire good LEADERS to turn your company into a dollar- feeding breast. Don’t just be a transactional boss, be a transformational Leader. Time is now, Let’s do it.  

 About the Author.

Bak Barnaba Chol holds a doctorate in Finance from United States International University. He is an Adjunct Assistant Professor at the University of Juba. His areas of research interest are Banking, economics, entrepreneurship and finance. You can reach him via Email: alukchan@gmail.com  Phone: 0929001008.

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