Are we short tempered?

By Akol Arop Akol

It is easy to be tempered but self-control is the first thing we need to do. If we react quickly in every situation, we shall end up harming and hurting others or ourselves.

It has been said that the biggest problem of South Sudanese is temper (violent behavior). They cannot control themselves. When there is a small misunderstanding that needs only listening and understanding one’s views, they jump to conclude their disagreement with insults and even fighting.

We should ask ourselves one by one. Is this saying true about us? Maybe or not. But what we should first know is that human beings are always ready to react peacefully or violently according to the situation he or she is in or the kind of the people they have issues with.

South Sudanese were not born violent people. There are bad people everywhere, those whose tongues are poisonous than a snakebite, those whose eyes are dangerous like bullet and those whose hands are destructive as Earthquake.

In every society or community there are those who do evils, but their deeds should not be used against others to abuse the entire group of people.

Of course, South Sudanese are people with care and kindness. They can be friends with anyone, white, Arabs or fellow blacks. They can live in peace with one another.

Rapid patterns of cruel and violent behaviors just started after the conflicts that have hurt everyone. Waking up every day and hear stories of people killed, robbed or rapped, someone can be traumatized and develop fear and worry.

This kind of a person cannot be peaceful towards strangers again because he or she is always suspicious of being offended or attacked.

The violent Environment also cannot let someone live in peace with family, neighbors and friends. Some of the people depressingly transformed by the conflicts have now cultured different life styles and behaviors.

It is hard to live or work with people who are unpredictable. Others might be discouragers, haters and destroyers coming with evil missions to spoil someone’s life.

Due to escalation of crisis, people find life difficult and when someone interferes with their affairs they get confrontational.

We wonder why some people are so moderate, cool-hearted and peaceful that they can face troubles or are abused many times but still wear smiles on their faces. While others are so rude that when they step on your feet, instead of saying sorry they are the first to react.

Good tempered people have manner of listening and studying the situation before reacting.  If there is misfortune, they are ready to give to others and help them out of their difficulties.

Good tempered people do not easily fight but they expect things to work out positively no matter the challenges.

They can wait and can be calm even during tense situations. They understand that great things would come to them if they wait. They don’t fight easily, they just solve things peacefully.

Solving things in peace, is no longer our option today, we react according to how we feel. However, we cannot be blamed. The weather alone is not favoring and it is one of the factors giving hot or aggressive temper to South Sudanese.

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