Are we a society of gun?

By Akol Arop Akol

Having gained independence from Sudan to be free from what we called oppression, the expectation was to get rid of all kinds of mistreatments in the hands of Sudan regime and the next step the South Sudanese should have taken was peace among themselves in order to build the nation.

But if the dream was altered accidentally, the call for reconciliation and peaceful existence has to be accepted. We are seeking peace for us and those living in our country as the only way to have a free environment to do investment.

There is no other way for foreign investors to run their businesses in the country if their lives are threatened by criminals. There is no way opportunities can be created for every young person to get employed and earn a living.

This is why jobs are limited and many youth resorted to activities that are not useful or beneficial for them.

Why is there no change especially in the local communities yet the country is 8 years old?  It would have grown if the work was divided equally for everyone to do a part. The leaders who are supposed to represent their constituencies in the Government are not delivering services to their people. They are sitting in Juba and not knowing the situation their people are in.

The youth in the grassroots are participating destructively in Cattle raiding, road ambush and revenge attack. In town, there are unknown gangs who shoot civilians and escape without being followed up and investigated.

We should ask a question, are we a society of gun as South Sudanese?  Have we forgotten how we used to solve our problems by sitting down and listening to everyone’s views. Our elders were mediators who called their community members to raise their problems and discussed them amicably.

When town civilized people, they have forgotten the role of elders. Therefore, the leaders are to be in charge to solve our issues. An elder is wise and knows something good for the young whether he is educated or not, he has knowledge. This is why they need to be approached for solution. The leaders have a role of taking care of their people but they don’t take full responsibility. That is why confusion is everywhere.

Gun is finishing people one by one. To solve the issue of shooting guns at every corner, the authorities concerned needs to disarm the local youth who are killing themselves in communal fighting. People in town should not hold guns anyhow. Even the soldiers or police should carry guns only when they are on duty but not hanging out at their wish.

Anyone carrying a gun should be known which unit he belongs to because if they are allowed to use weapons at their choice, someone of them have short temper and may immorally be tempted. Which means they could use the guns to threaten civilians.

It’s common in the town here when a small case occurs, someone would rush to pick a gun or if a normal civilian he would immediately call his uncle-general for intervention and there, no dog will talk. That mentality of trying to solve everything with gun is an indication that the society is still not free of conflicts which continues filling fears among the civilians.

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